City Chronicles | Ocean Beach

The spring sunshine has officially graced the Bay Area and freed us from a long, wet winter so of course we celebrated accordingly– with a trip to the beach!IMG_9117
Typically when you think of a city all the hustle and bustle comes to mind, but the beauty of being the City by the Bay is that we have beaches! The outskirts of San Francisco is lined with fog (we call him Karl) covered beaches that encapsulate you and slow down the fast paced, city life.IMG_9202IMG_9087A morning on the lonely Ocean Beach, collecting sand dollars and sipping craft tea to-go made for the perfect Mother’s Day- makeup day trip.

It was also my new puppy sidekick’s first time feeling sand between her toes, so it was quite the monumental day! Consensus: Dry sand is fun to roll in but cold, ocean water on her belly is not preferred.IMG_9091Sidenote: MEET KONA! This lil’ girly came into my life in early March and has added more sass and energy to daily life than I thought possible! Yes, she is a “Spuds Mackenzie dog” aka an English Bull Terrier and likes her frisbee, occasionally listening to her name, cuddles, obnoxious squeaky toys and the smell of beer (so you can bet she’ll be featured on Booze News posts)! Dislikes? Not being the center of attention!IMG_9174IMG_9176After emerging from the layer of fog, we spent the rest of our afternoon wandering the streets of the quiet and colorful Sunset District. Once again, Instagram served as the inspiration and guide for our snack destination– Andytown Coffee Roasters/ Churn Urban Creamery.

The mobile business puts a stylish spin on a summer time ice cream cart, serving up natural, fresh flavors of ice cream (pictured is their Blood Orange sorbet!). They also have some unique flavors in their lineup…baklava anyone?!IMG_9188Turns out you can visit the city for a calm, slow Saturday in the sunshine! With summer and graduation fast approaching I have some trip ideas turning in my mind so keep and eye out for what’s yet to come!


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  1. Enjoyed your blog as always. Sorry you missed Playland-at-the-Beach by a couple of generations. It was right in that area and you would have enjoyed it. Andytown Coffee is supposed to have great Irish soda bread and scones. It’s definitely on our list.

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