Disposable Camera Challenge | Kenya Edition

Being a photography student, I pretty much have to believe that film is not dead. It has an intriguing air of mystery to it, now that we live in a digital world. With no way to see the pictures until trusting someone to correctly develop them for you, you don’t know exactly what images you have created. A big drawback is that manual film cameras are a bit too heavy to pack into my weight sensitive suitcase, but that doesn’t stop me from smuggling something old school with me to other countries!

Disposable cameras generally come with 27 shots, and there are about 30 days in a month, so the point of the “disposable camera challenge” is to try and take a picture a day! I attempted to remember to capture my daily moment, just as I did with taking my anti-malaria pills, and this is the result!


Despite a few skipped or repeated days, I think the role turned out to be a pretty good representation of my trip!

I hope I have instilled a challenge within you, and that you’ll start carrying a disposable around in your purse/backpack/pocket, it’s a fun way to mix up memory making 🙂

Michelle xx

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  1. Photography has come a long way! The photos are a reminder of the way things used to be. I have to confess that i prefer digital for a couple of reasons…1) The clarity, depth and composition are more intense and interesting; 2) much as i don’t like to admit it, i really like immediate gratification when i can have it. On the plus side, we now have options and it IS fun to mix it up. Thanks for sharing the memories the “old school” way and for a good idea…i think i might “expose” William to the “old school” method so he knows how we used to have to wait to see our images. Love you Shell Belle!

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