Animal Expedition | My Safari Stay

IMG_1936 I previously posted on The Big Five you see while on a safari, so now I will elaborate on the whole safari experience! With a large list of national and private parks to choose from, we went to the Maasai Mara in the Rift Valley, approximately a six hour drive from Nairobi, where we stayed with Sentrim Mara for our three day, two night trip which included four game drives. Unfortunately Zaneta fell ill and opted to rest at home, so it was just Lauren and I amongst the seven passenger seats in our van.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.35.58 PM


Day one was a day dedicated to the long drive into the park, a third of which was on terrain that makes the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland feel like a nothing. After arriving at Sentrim Mara, our home away from home away from home, we dusted off the Savannah dirt, refueled with lunch and piled back into the van for our first game drive!

With a striking sunset to finish off our first day, we were welcomed the following morning with an equally stunning sunrise. Our second day consisted of a early morning game drive that reminded me way too much of a dawn patrol wakeboard run, a refreshing dip in the pool, and then an afternoon game drive full of “safari surfing” and getting up close and personal with animals.

Our third and final day of the trip we opted for another early morning drive followed by the long drive back to Nairobi.

Topi (being hunted by a leopard)






Nile Crocodile- did you know they open their mouths like this to cool down? They also don't have tongues and carry their babies in their mouth   Grey Crested Crane







Warthog mother and piglets





IMG_2438 I have a ton more pictures that I am very proud of posted on my Flickr profile that you can take a look at here, if you like!

As unbearably corny and cliché as this is about to sound, the trip was breathtaking. I mean, in California if you want to see crazy and exotic animals you go to the zoo, so grasping that those animals that surrounded me were wild was mind blowing. The “circle of life” was a little hard for me to accept (why can’t they all be vegetarians?!) but watching a cheetah take off in a cloud of dirt to hunt a rabbit was too cool to be sad.


If a safari wasn’t already on your bucketlist, I hope this put it on your radar. I may not be one for nature, but I can say that I would go on another safari in a heartbeat.

Michelle xx



  1. Just wonderful photos, Michelle. We felt that we were in the savannah with you. How exciting. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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