Sentrim Mara | My Safari Stay

“Everything in Africa bites, but the Safari Bug is worst of all.”

~Brian Jackman, award winning British journalist

I started this week off with a three day, two night safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve…I don’t think a Monday could get much better than that!

We camped with Sentrim Mara, but I use the term “camped” very loosely. If you include electricity, running water, a spa, pool and restaurant in your version of camping, then we’re on the same page cause this was definitely my sort of camping.


our tent

See what I mean?!

on the porch
on the porch



"our" table at the restaurant
“our” table at the restaurant
three course meals, three times a day!
three course meals, three times a day!

The Maasai Mara National Reserve “high season” is between July and August, when the wildebeest migrate across the Tanzania/Kenya border by the tens of thousands. It is a phenomenal attraction, so I hear, filling the plains with not only an extreme amount of animals, but with safari vans full of onlookers.

Despite going during off season, Lauren and I both agreed that it was the perfect trip and time to go. Throughout our stay we saw four other groups of guests pass through, meaning we had the pool to ourselves and our waiter at full service!

One odd “perk” a safari resort has versus any other is the guards. I don’t mean security, I mean guards that walk you to your tent after dark and carry spears. At first this made me very nervous and wary, wondering how necessary those spears were and biting my tongue to keep from asking how often they were used, but after a while it became comforting. Despite having a gate into the resort property, the area was not fenced off to keep animals out, after all, we were on their turf. With a Maasai village full of tasty cattle a mere 10 minute drive from us, older lions can be tempted to go after the livestock and make a meal of them.

With our terrific safari driver, Apollo, our game drives were filled with all types of animals, bumpy vans rides and lots of smiles. Look out for more to come about my safari experience!

Michelle xx




  1. Wow!!! You are SO NOT ruffin it!!!!😝 what an awesome trip! Can’t wait to see all the photos!🐘🐵🐗🐒

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