Kisses From A Giraffe

To change up the classic chime of “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”, we finished off our Saturday with “elephants and baboons and giraffes, oh my!”.


Zaneta, Lauren, Mr. P and I visited the African Fund For Endangered Wildlife Kenya Ltd., or the Giraffe Centre for short. The space the giraffes are kept has two sides to the yard. One side, where we met and fed them at the Centre, and the other is the Giraffe Manor, the coolest hotel ever! Although at a steep price, those who stay at the charming brick home get to watch giraffes roam the property and even have a visitor pop his head in the upstairs window for a breakfast snack.



Upon arrival you are handed a handful of pellets to feed the giraffes, in the case Ed was the social butterfly.

Approach to feeding #1:


Approach #2:


As if kissing a giraffe can be topped, I sported my new giraffe pants, purchased at the Maasai Market, just so I could look like a crazy giraffe lady! But hey, when in Kenya, right?

Michelle xx



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