Hooray for Red Nose Day!

It’s finally Red Nose Day here, and I am so excited to share with you all back home what this ridiculous British day is all about!

Red Nose Day is a fundraiser put on by a major charity in the UK called Comic Relief. The charity has been around since Christmas day in 1985 where it first went live on BBC One (aka the main tv channel) from a refugee camp in Sudan. After a devastating famine had crippled Ethiopia, the idea of Comic Relief was formed, simply consisting of British comedians making people laugh while raising money, hence their motto, “do something funny for money!”.

The first Red Nose Day was in 1988, and raised 15 million in just its first year! Then in 2001, Sport Relief was created, occurring on alternating years from Red Nose Day, with the idea in mind of getting people active to raise money.

In those 27 years they have raised 800 million pounds to put towards 15,786 projects in 70 countries. Talk about impressive!

But my favorite part is that not only does the money they raise help people in other countries who are less fortunate or need medical help, but it also goes toward helping people in poor situations in the UK as well.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 12.05.20 PM


You can’t call it Red Nose Day without having a red nose!

One of the simplest ways Comic Relief raises money for Red Nose Day is by selling Red Nose products! Each year Red Nose Day is hosted, there is a new nose design, this year is the “nose with toes”! In the picture above I have all three noses that are available to buy this year for just one pound each, as well a “cappuccinose” mug!

It is amazing how many celebrities get involved and donate to this amazing charity! Russell Brand, Alan Carr, Miss Piggy, Graham Norton, Jessie J, and my personal favorite, One Direction, along with many more are involved this year!

One Direction recorded their Red Nose Day single of One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) (a remake of the Blondie song) and all of the proceeds went to Red Nose Day. Since they are so famous, the charity had a nice surprise when the single went number one in 63 countries, bringing in loads of donations! They also donated the money they would have spent making a music video for the song, and made it themselves! Such lovely lads.

So there you have it! That is what Red Nose Day is all about! I (obviously) am very excited about this day and charity, and I hope you are able to sense that, and maybe look into something at home!

Peace out,



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