Cheerio Danville!

Hello reader!

I’m sitting at SFO in my terminal at the moment, waiting to board a Boeing 747 to London! Seeing as I will be gone for four months, I found the easiest way to let everyone know what I’m up to is by starting this blog. So here we are, me writing and you reading!

I am beyond excited for the adventure that is about to begin

– first time overseas

-first time being away for such a long amount of time

-first time being on a flight this long (the longest flight I’ve been on was five hours and I thought it would never end, so we’ll see if I survive the next eleven hours

As you can tell, this is going to be a time of many ‘”firsts”

fam at sfo Me, Mom, Stacey and Dad at SFO

I’ll post again once I cross the pond and land in London!


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