Good Things Come to Those Who Book Flights

I’m not a huge believer in New Year’s Resolutions, starting fresh, karma or anything of that sort really. Maybe I’m a tad lazy but I prefer the “go with the flow” method of life, though that might just change after my intro to 2019.

January 1st I hauled myself to SFO ready to spend my first month of the new year in Africa! Standing at the gate, I was mentally prepping for the 16 hour flight to Dubai (I know that’s not Africa, I’m getting to that) and scoping out which people I may end up smashed next to in economy, when all of a sudden my name was called on the PA system. Nervous about what kind of trouble I had gotten myself into, I made my way to the counter where they nonchalantly swapped my boarding pass for one labeled “business class”.

Cool, that probably means more leg room, maybe they’ll give me complimentary slippers. NO. I was directed to board upstairs on the Airbus 380 where I was greeted with champagne and assisted to my suite of a seat!



Fresh flowers? Check. A full bar? Check! A table cloth laid before me to eat on? Yeah, check that one off the list too. We’re talkin’ the royal treatment while I stick out like a sore thumb sporting a ratty t-shirt and leggings holding a complimentary Bvlgari amenity bag.


After possibly the longest nonstop flight out there– 16 hours from San Francisco to Dubai– I now understand how people can justify the insane prices of business class! I was so comfortable in my reclining bed and preoccupied with the 3,000 movies available that the time flew by!

I see you Dubai. As a student studying Hospitality Management & Tourism, Dubai has been the reoccurring example of excellence and a destination unlike any other. Located in the middle of nothing, they have built everything to attract both business and leisure travelers, including their own airline and world class airport hub! So thank you Emirates for rolling out the red carpet and welcoming me to your city in Dubai’s flashy style!

What a way to start a trip and the New Year! If karma is what brought this to me, then I guess I’m a believer now!


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  1. Way to go Michelle. A “Bump Up” from tourist to business class is the epitome of good karma.

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