Another Glorious Sierra Day

Trigger warning to all Californians and nature junkies: you are now entering a non-nature lover zone… more specifically, the zone of my dislike for Yosemite. Please leave your pitchforks at the door and read on before judging.


As a Californians do, I have visited Yosemite three times, and had personal issues each trip. So, after a ten year hiatus I decided to suck it up and give the National Park another go. While I prefer to be a city dweller, fresh air is always good for the soul, so I’m not opposed to the occasional outdoor adventure, though the majority of the time it’s only because I’m walking the dog.

From where I live in the Bay Area, Yosemite National Park is about a four hour drive each way, so it’s a good thing I have a boyfriend that loves me and a truck that needs some miles on it! Reading a roadmap when the GPS gives out also makes for great couples’ bonding, so there’s that.


Being in the park and seeing the natural wonders people travel across the world to see felt like being reunited with an old friend. I found myself telling tales about Half Dome and the Three Brothers before realizing I even knew stories about them. I was pointing out waterfalls without looking at the guide for their names and remembering hikes I took in sixth grade…there was some super deja vu!

Perhaps it was because I was smaller during my last visit that made Yosemite feel so big, but now that I have grown, it seems to have shrunk.


Side note: well behaved, on-leash dogs are welcome in the park, and they have a wonderfully detailed page regarding the rules and regulations!


So, readers, after this trip I am pleased to announce Yosemite and I have made amends and agreed on a long distance relationship. While I won’t be climbing up the side of El Capitan, I have definitely learned to admire it and the rest of the beauty John Muir worked so hard to preserve in the Sierras.


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  1. Lovely photos. I think Yosemite is best enjoyed, like a very good wine, in sips rather than big gulps. Thanks for sharing your always interesting blog.

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