Booze News | Novel Brewing

I was just skimming through my Instagram feed when a picture caught my eye and led me to Novel Brewing as I immediately had to investigate where the heck I could drink a beer flight out of a book. I needed a drink from this fountain of knowledge!


Appropriately named, Novel Brewing Company has a small store front in Oakland with a bar in the front and a small batch brewery in back. You can get a tasting flight, pint or growler fill-up from the bar, then grab a board game or book from the communal shelves and enjoy the sedate energy in the building. Dogs are welcome (squeal) as are food deliveries– they even have a shelf full of takeaway menus– making it a great place to kick back on your afternoon off.

Word to the fruity beer lovers– put down the Shock Top and try out Novel’s Squeeze the Peel IPA! If you’re anything like me and you and hops aren’t quite on the same wavelength it won’t even matter with this brew! It’s the perfect balance of the two flavors.


Booze aside, I can’t get over the aesthetic perfection and theme of this brewery! All of the beers feature punny literary jokes or a play on words for names like “Point of View” and “Creative Juices”. They’re are also working on designing beer posters that look like book covers which I will definitely be hanging in the cosy nook of my imaginary dream home.


We enjoyed staying tucked inside on a dreary, rainy day playing battleship and drinking beer – it was actually pretty ideal and I loved every minute of it.


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