Storytellers Cafe

I started my 22nd birthday as most people do at such a mature age– at a character breakfast at the Disneyland Resort!

My family and I spent our morning at the Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel; a buffet breakfast accompanied by all your forest friends! Characters like Chip & Dale, Kenai & Koda and Meeko wandered around visiting each table, causing a ruckus and and handing out lots of furry hugs while we enjoyed a delicious meal.IMG_2457mickey latte collageWhat Disney themed brekkie would be complete without a mouse ear latte and Mickey waffles??
kodaThe dining room was full of smiling families, and though we may have been the oldest kids, we had so much fun! Dale performed magic tricks for us, Chip twirled us around in a song-less dance and Meeko even proposed! It may seem silly, but I wouldn’t want to celebrate my birthday any other way than goofing off with the characters I grew up with.meekocollageAs if this wasn’t good enough, upon my return home I had a birthday package waiting for me containing San Jose Sharks themed Mickey ears *insert heart-eyed emoji*.

The Disneyland Resort offers a couple different character meals on their Anaheim property and I highly recommend taking your little ones (let’s be real, any age is good!) if it’s in your budget and schedule! The only thing to be aware of is if your children are scared or intimidated by these large furry strangers, you may want to hold off until they are a bit older to avoid tears.


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