WhiteAlbum Challenge | Dapper Day, Spring 2015

I may be in need of an intervention. This addiction is getting serious, like taking over my life serious. I just can’t get enough…

JUST KIDDING don’t freak people, I’m talking about cameras. If you were to look up “tourist” in the dictionary, yours truly would be the picture next to it, solely because of my cameras. On a typical trip I’ll have my iPhone in one hand and a disposable camera in the other, and to top it all off I have a big DSLR hanging around my neck. Well, times have changed for the better because I have found a solution to lighten my load.

WhiteAlbum is an app best described by their tag line, “It’s like a disposable camera, for your iPhone”. The idea of combining the two into one is very appealing to me, so I don’t have to juggle cameras around. If the idea alone didn’t have me hooked (which it did), the line “delayed gratification is the new black” during app set up had be hook, line and sinker.


I recently attended this Spring’s Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort and used WhiteAlbum to capture some special outfits and moments!






cue Mulan's "Reflection" scene
cue Mulan’s “Reflection” scene

Just like photography, creating a Dapper Day ensemble is an art, and it is so enjoyable to just walk around and see what everyone has put together for the special, bi-annual day. It can be as simple as going through your grandma’s closet or as intense as making each clothing item from scratch, the possibilities are endless!

After I received my prints in the mail, I took advantage of their polaroid-like display and added some captions and stickers to a select few, just for fun! It is such a fun alternative, shooting with WhiteAlbum. Their services are great and any questions I sent by email quickly received a response, so it a world full of instant-everything, I encourage you to challenge yourself with patience.


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