2014 Giants World Series Champions Parade

October means more than Halloween in the Bay Area; it is Orange October. With World Series Championships in 2010 and 2012, the San Francisco Giants made it an “Even 3” when they won against the Kansas City Royals on October 28th. As tradition goes, a parade was held in celebration, and it just so happened to be planned on Halloween this year!

Baseball fanatic or not, this was history in the making, having only happened one other time in the 1940s (because the Yankees are, well, the Yankees) and I had to be there!

*cue We Are The Champions by Queen* the parade route ended at Civic Center Plaza where speechs and presentations were given

IMG_4775We arrived by BART at Civic Center Plaza by 8:30am and took stance on the curb by 9, ready for the three hour wait till noon when the parade started at Market and Steuart.


The Bouchy Family with the 2014 World Series Champions trophy
The Bouchy Family with the 2014 World Series Champions trophy

Some legendary faces were amongst the 2014 roster, as well. We were surprised by Steve Perry, ex lead singer of Journey, a performance by Patrick Monahan, lead singer of Train,  Metallica, Barry Bonds and the one and only, Willie Mays!

Steve Perry, the original lead singer of Journey
Steve Perry, the original lead singer of Journey


After the parade ran its route, the players assembled at the steps of San Francisco City Hall and were presented to the city, along with their lastest addition to the trophy case; 2014 World Series Champions! Speeches were made, chants of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “MVP” rang out in the crowd and then the confetti cannons were set off, leaving us to carry memories of the rainiest and most spirited Halloween yet!

Michelle xx


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