Gas Stations & Guard Rails | Disposable Camera Challenge Pt. 2

At some point in life everyone has to take a good ol’ American road trip, right? Well I can check that off the bucket list now!

After spending the summer on opposite coasts, my best friend and I (accompanied by a mountain bike and disposable camera) crossed through five states to get her back to Colorado State University, just in time to start senior year!







After approximately 20 hours on the road we crossed through California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming to reach our final destination in Colorado!


It was two solid days of on-the-road bonding, plus one day of hitting the best spots in Fort Collins before I had to head for Denver to fly home. Traffic cones were dodged, the gas tank was refilled repeatedly and songs were sung to the worst of our ability, but those are the memories you look back on when you’re older and cherish the most. We can never be too careful when it comes to appreciating the important things and people in our lives.

Michelle xx


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