Brick Lane- London’s East End Street Art

Sorry Dorothy, but this isn’t a yellow brick road. This is my kind of brick road, Brick Lane, to be exact!

One of my favorite things in life is modern art, specifically graffiti, so when I heard about all the free walls and famous tags along and around Brick Lane in the east end of London, I just had to go!

My roommate Laura, her friend Sumaya and I started off at Brick Lane Market, essentially a building full of stalls for merchandise and (cheap) versatile food vendors!



Go Sharks! Great sweep they just had in the first round of the playoffs!



£1 for one cup? Yes, please!


the Mexican food stall that I bought my dinner at, £4 for a burrito!

After wandering through the market, we made our way out onto the actual street, where there were more booths, people and graffiti! So, of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a cheeky lil’ photoshoot!



One of James Cochran’s “drip paintings”


A mural done by ROA on Chance Street in Shoreditch, one of the many animals he has left on the walls of London



going for a walk with the family


exactly what I’m doing during these four months abroad!



Amara Por Dios in action!


Steve “ESPO” Powers’ work at Village Underground

christiaan nagel

One of the many mushrooms Christaan Nagel has placed in the east end.

“Mushrooms are a metaphor for the idea.  Ideas are original thoughts.  Where do all ideas come from?  They are the culmination of the person and his environmental circumstances.  There is an element of randomness in any idea, that part we don’t have a choice in.  Just like wild mushrooms, ideas ‘pop-up’.”

After scouring the streets for graffiti, the sun started to set, my pasty, white legs got cold (not often you get to wear shorts here!) and it was time to head back to the underground station and head home for the night! So there you have a quick lesson on graffiti and the artist behind the entrancing art!



PS I just booked my flights to Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland and am so excited!

PPS My dearest friend Emma Grager has recently released the second track from her EP, Me + You, so if you could take four minutes of your day to listen to it here and maybe even splurge and spend 99¢ to buy it, it would mean the world to both myself and Emma!

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