A Quick Hello!

Hello world!

First things first, I think it is necessary to bring up the fact that today it was warmer in London than San Francisco!!! Such a proud day for London. Take that, California!Image

On to our next bit of business, this is just a brief blog post to fill you in on what’s happening in England before I take off for Sardinia, Italy in the morning! I’ll be visiting my God-sister, Maddy, for a week on the Italian island, where she is spending the whole school year with a host family as a foreign exchange student. Talk about brave! So I will be up before the sun to catch the night bus to Heathrow and head off to get another stamp in my passport!

I got a visit from Aunt Janie again yesterday and today which as always was fun! This time we chose to take a guided walking ghost tour of the city on Monday night. Now, anyone who knows me personally will know I am a ginormous chicken when it comes to scary and ghostly things, so obviously I was a bit hesitant, but it turned out to be pretty cool! The guide walked us through the history of each location we stopped at and what ghostly acts/sightings happen there and the stories behind them. So don’t worry yourself too much, I slept just fine last night.

After the tour we headed back to the hotel, but of course made a stop to take a picture infront of my favorite attraction! (if you can’t just assume what it is by this point, that’s a bit embarrassing)Image

This morning before the shuttle showed up to take the flight crew back to Heathrow, Aunt Janie and I stopped for croissants and coffee for breakfast and then went out in search of the Mews!ImageImage

Mini mural inside the cafe we ate at

For those of you who don’t know, Mews, which is primarily a British term, is a row of stables built along a paved court, behind the large city houses. Typically, the horse stables and carriage houses where on the ground floor, and the caretakers lived on the floor above, so they were there to take care of the horses for the rich owners that employed them.

Some of the mews spread throughout London date back to the 1300s! Now, these tiny, smelly horse keepers homes have been remodeled and are selling for big money!ImageImageImageThese are a few of the Mews we found in our short amount of time

After Aunt Janie took off for her homeward bound plane, I went out with a specific destination in mind: Chipotle. There are (I think) eight of this glorious establishment in the city, so I took the bus up to Bakers Street to pig out on my mexican meal. After I checked that off my list, I made my way over to Selfridges on Oxford Street.


A tiny bit of history Selfridges&Co.; it was established my Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, and is the second largest store in the United Kingdom behind Harrods. Seeing as it’s such a big store, I had to confine myself to one floor so I wouldn’t break the bank, so I went for the books! Seriously, after all the books I have bought on this trip I could open my own library. But I just can’t help it when they have a buy one get one 50% off sticker on them! Let’s just consider it my “homework” while I’m abroad.


After I escaped without buying too much, I wandered on back to the flat to start packing! So, there you have it, a quick update!

Caio for now!


P.S. Happy St. George’s Day!


Churchill Arms Pub dressed up for the occasion

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